One of the largest weapons and military equipment exhibition in Asia the international exhibition DSA – 2014 takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 14-17 April 2014. The purpose of the exhibition is a display of military equipment, development of military technical cooperation with the following integration into national and collective security system.
     The exhibition is dedicated to the land forces armament, means of anti-aircraft warfare, radio-electronic warfare and communication, aircraft equipment, coast guard armament, armored vehicles and artillery weapons, special firearms and special operation forces equipment, naval vehicles and armament, satellite and space technology and military purpose equipment.
     Tula Arms Plant, JSC as a member of NPO High Precisions Weapons, JSC will participate and display the following dummies of the outputs:
- antitank guided missile 9M113M of “Konkurs-M” system;
- 9 mm Special Assault Rifle АS;
- 9 mm Special Sniper Rifle VSS;
- 9 mm Small-Size Assault Rifle AM;
- 7,62 mm Special Self-loading Pistol PSS;
- 5,45 mm Kalashnikov Short Assault Rifle with Folding Stock.
     The delegation includes the plant management, technical and commercial specialists.