Anti-Tank Guided Missile 9M113M of the «Konkurs-M» System

Anti-Tank Guided Missile 9M113M  of the «Konkurs-M» System
      The missile is intended to engage modern vehicles equipped with the reactive armor, fortified fire emplacements, both moving or stationary surface and afloat targets and low flying helicopters at any time and weather conditions.
     The operating temperature range is from –50°C to +50°C. The missile is launched from a combat vehicle, remote launcher or other units. The control of the missile is semi - automatic, the commands are transmitted over the wire communication line.

Caliber, mm135
Average flight speed, mps206
Firing range, m75-4000
War head typeTandem, cumulative
Average homogeneours armour equipped and 
unequipped with an active armour penetration
with frequency not less 0,5, mm
Container length with a missile, mm1263
9М113М.00.00.090 Packing for a missile:
Dimensions (lenght, wight, height), mm
Weight with a missili, kg