9 mm Special Assault Rifle AS

9 mm Special Assault Rifle AS

 The 9 mm assault rifle AS is intended for noiseless and flameless shooting. The automatic reloading is based on the work of powder gases. The assault rifle is intended to engage the enemy manpower protected with bulletproof jackets and the non - armoured vehicles.
The design features of the assault rifle are:
- high characteristics in the ac¬curacy of fire and closely-grouped fire are achieved due to original design of the assault rifle barrel;
-  the high hitting is guarantied due to the subsonic velocity of a bullet; 
-  making single and automatic shots;
- the folding metal buttstock and the quick detachable silencer make it possible to reduce assault rifle dimensions;
- mounting seats for optical and night sights;
- absolute harmless handling is guarantied with safeties;
The ad¬vantage of the assault rifle is a detachable double-column sector-type magazine with the cartridges located in a chess-board order and interchangeable with VSS and SR-3 magazines. It fires the 9-mm armor - piercing cartridge SP6 or 7N12  and 9-mm sniping cartridge SP5.

Caliber, mm


Bullet muzzle velocity, mps up to 295
Magazine capacity, cartridges


Sighting range,m:
with open and optical sight up to 400
with night sighting device up to 300
Length of assault rifle, mm:
with unfolded stock


with folded stock


Weight with an empty magazine and without sights, kg not more