7,62 mm Special Self-loading Pistol

7,62 mm Special Self-loading Pistol
     The SSP is an individual weapon for the secret attack and defence also it is intended for noiseless and flameless shooting.
      It shoots СP4 cartridges at a range of up to 50 m.
     The reloading is carried out automatically with the aim of the blowback bolt recoil energy. The pistol has the firing and trigger mechanism that allows to fire with the full-cocking or self-cocking.
     The safety system prevents accidental shots even if the trigger has been accidentally pulled or the pistol has been dropped.
     The reliable work of the pistol is guaranteed in any climate conditions in the temperature range from – 50°C to +50°C.

Caliber, mm7,62
Bullet muzzle velocity, mps200
Magazine capacity, cartridges6
Overall dimensions, mm30х140х165
Weight with an empty magazine, kg0,7